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Lateness and Cancellation Policy

Shine ABA Solutions is dedicated to delivering reliable, on-time services as outlined

and agreed upon with our patients. As part of our initial treatment plan, we will

suggest a preliminary schedule of ABA services, taking into account medical

necessity and assessment findings. Once your family is matched with a treatment

team, including a BCBA and paraprofessionals, we recommend collaborating on a

monthly or weekly schedule with them. This collaborative schedule ensures your

child receives consistent services, accommodating both your family's and the

providers' availability.


We kindly request that both our providers and your family adhere to this schedule

to maintain our providers' productivity and meet your child's treatment goals,

standards, and deadlines.


In cases where appointment cancellations are foreseeable, such as planned medical

treatments, holidays, or vacations, we ask that you inform our providers and your

Case Manager as soon as you are aware of the schedule change.

We understand that unexpected circumstances, like illness or family emergencies,

can lead to cancellations. If you must cancel with less than 24-hours' notice, please

notify the providers and Case Manager as soon as possible. However, we encourage

you to provide at least 24-hours' advanced notice whenever possible.

Please note that three consecutive cancellations or a total of five within a six-month

authorization period may result in the termination or reduction of services.

Consistency in implementing the treatment plan is vital for your child's success.

For all session cancellations or schedule changes, please directly contact your

providers and Case Manager at Shine ABA Solutions.

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